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Kristen Bell Icon Challenges

Challenge Five

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Kristen Bell Icon Challenges

Challenge Five

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So, I deleted the last challenge five since it's been up since November and yeah...Maybe we'll have better luck with this one.

For this challenge I want you to use a picture that has a lot of pictures on it...wow that sounds like it doesn't make any sense. Anywho, you can crop it so you can only see one of the pictures on it, or so you can see more than one...whatever you choose.

If you don't get what I mean, you'll see what I'm talking about when you look at the picture, which is here. It looks small and hard to icon, but if you click on the picture a window will open and the picture will become much larger.

-As always, you may enter two icons.
-Icons due Saturday, April 21st, 2007.
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