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October 24th, 2006

Challenge 3

Wow, so we've made it to the third! And we're still going strong but we need more entries this week from the result of all the ties that took place in challenge 2. (btw banners will be up tomorrow sorry for the delay!)

Soooo you ask what the 3rd challenge is yeah? Well. We all know that Kristen is a lovely actress and as well as acting she does sing pretty well! So, this next challenge is going to be to make up to 2 icons from her "Fame" performance at the Emmy's! Please only use the pictures behind the cut. Anything goes! Blending, animation, text, no text, yaddah yaddah. Just as long as you use the pictures provided :)

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entries must be in by October 28th. If not many are in I will extend it for a few days :) good luck!

October 21st, 2006

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October 18th, 2006

Seeing as 3.03 aired yesterday, I figured why not use caps from it? None of them are spoilery, so you can look if you haven't seen the ep yet! Please use the following images to make a maximum of 2 icons for this challenge. You may use text, brushes, animation, etc. The icons need to be in by October 21st, 2006.

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Challenge One Winners:

1st Place:




2nd Place:




3rd Place:


Congrats to all!

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The new challenge will be posted later on tonight by rivertam001 hopefully! If not I shall do it. :) sorry its late!

October 14th, 2006

(no subject)

Hello KBers. Time for the vote of challenge 1! This will stay up until wednesday since I couldn't post until late tonight.

Pick your top three. Don't vote for yourself. Pick three, no more, no less or your vote doesnt count.

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This was such a successful challenge with eleven entries and I'm excited about this community. All of them are gorgeous and I can't wait for the next. I ask again if you could please pimp out the community so we have more entries for challenge 2. :D thanks! good luck to everyone! winners shall be posted wednesday along with banners as long as I can get them made by the time I post em :D

October 12th, 2006

(no subject)

Hello fellow KBers! this is a reminder that you have until Saturday October 14th to get your entries in for the challenge poll. We have 11 so far and they're all rocking! I can't believe we have that many for a first challenge which I'm also asking if you could pimp out the community so we could have more people around for voting and for challenges and so forth :) kk thanks!

Post your entries in a comment to the challenge post please.

Challenge 1: Kristen at the CW Launch party

October 10th, 2006

Challenge #1

Challenge 001 - Kristen Bell at the CW Launch Party

Please use the images provided to make up to 2 icons of KB at the CW Launch party. Anything goes for this challenge. Text, blending, whatever. As long as you use the images provided. Rules as follow, icon must meet LJ standards, no entering more then 2 icons, post the IMG SRC version as well as the URL please. And state if you'd like a banner if you'd win.
Entries must be in by Saturday, October 14th. thank you! post your entries as a comment to this post please

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