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Kristen Bell Icon Challenges

The Community For KB IChallenges

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Welcome! This is a community for those of you who love Kristen Bell as much as we do and we decided to share along our obsession of making icons and make icon challenges for the lovely KB. Anybody is allowed to join icon maker or not and just have fun. And follow the rules.

-Each week there will be a new challenge come Tuesday evening (since Veronica Mars is aired that night)
-Challenges will start on Tuesday and end on Saturday.
-Voting will take place Saturday until Monday night
-You are only allowed to use the images which are given to you in each challenge
-Your entries must be 100x100 or smaller and fit the LJ standards
-You MAY use animation
-You must follow the rules of the challenge if there are any specific references
-You may not vote for yourself or have your friends join to vote for your icons
-only 2 entries are allowed each week.
-Do not bash anyone, any VM character, or anything KB (obviously you shouldn't otherwise why are you here?)
-Don't post your entries of icons anywhere else until the challenge is done or your entries will be terminated. thank you
-Please be respectful to your moderators darkwil and rivertam001

follow these and everything else is dandy. rivertam001 and I darkwil will be alternating turns on the challenges and entering icons ourselves as well.